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Product Info

  • Balance Trainer designed to enhance stabilization, proprioception and Neuromuscular control
  • What's in the box: A pair of Stepright footwear with embedded balance bladders, hand air pump, needle for pump, instruction book, velcro straps
  • Great for rehabbing from injuries such as ankle sprains, ACL reconstructions, falls, dizziness, and vertigo issues
  • Best if used under the guidance of a physical therapist, athletic trainer, assistant trainer, personal trainer, occupational therapist, kinesiologist, or professional athlete
  • Small fits Men's size 3-8 and women's 5-9, Large fits Men's size 9-14 and Women's size 10+ -- recommended for use with flat sole athletic shoes

Specificity of movement patterns replicating real world function is the hallmark of StepRight® Stability Trainer, and these concepts are supported in the research on improving functional movement and balance training. StepRight®was designed by a pair of physical therapists to help those who have an impaired quality of life, reduced physical performance, or for athletes looking to take balance (and) postural control to the next level.

The following can benefits from StepRight®:

  1. Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts
  2. Health and Wellness Population
  3. Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic injury rehabilitation
  4. Neuromuscular disorders effecting (affecting) balance and coordination
  5. Vestibular Disorders
  6. Geriatric fall prevention, balance, and gait training
  7. Those with coordination and motor development delay
  8. Those training for Obstacle Course Racing (Spartan, Tough Mudder, Etc)


WARNING: StepRight® Stability Trainer is an inherently unstable surface designed to challenge balance; be sure to use with caution. Due to the chance for injury or falling it is recommended to consult with a fitness or healthcare professional prior to use. StepRight® is designed to be used on any athletic, casual or dress flat-soled shoe. Be sure to check position of product and adjust as needed throughout use to ensure proper fit. Intended for use as a training tool only and not for everyday wear. Improper use or application of the StepRight® Stability Trainer could result in injury. Maximum weight capacity of StepRight is 300lbs.